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Book a FREE Video Strategy Session

Get a FREE video content strategy guide customized for your business.

  • 20 min
  • Virtual Meeting or Conference Call


Are you interested in producing video content for your business, but you aren't sure what types of videos will work best? Are you unsure about what messaging or information to include in your business's video content? Do you struggle with planning and producing video content consistently for your business? During this free, no commitment, no pressure video strategy session for your business, Mike will meet with you one-on-one to listen to your organization's marketing and/or communication goals, and will develop a customized video content strategy that you can implement to help you achieve those goals.


The most popular types of videos that work for businesses like yours.

Business Branding Promotional Videos
Company Corporate Communications Videos
Employee Training Videos
Fundraising Videos
Staff Recognition Profile Videos
Product or Service Marketing Videos
Testimonial Case Study Videos
Product Service Demonstration Videos
Recruiting Videos
Company History Videos
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